september 12-14, 2017




The Results

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Gifts of any amount make an impact.


36 gifts of $25

can provide an outdoor movie screening for students

100 gifts of $50

can underwrite maintenance for the rock climbing wall for one year

42 gifts of $100

can bring ten Safe Zone workshops to the campus community led by Center for Diversity

88 gifts of $250

can purchase equipment for the new student recording studio like drums, amps and mics

96 gifts of $500

can help fund a scholarship to cover a Techer's tuition and fees for one year

6 gifts of $1000

can assist a student to become a SURF (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships) scholar

3.14 gifts of $2500

can support conference travel for up to 15 graduate students

1 gift of $5000

can provide students virtual reality equipment for art expression and VR design & development

I hope to have a lot more discoveries in the future—and it would all be because of my time here.
— Rachel Galimidi, PhD ’16
working to unlock a critical puzzle in the search for an HIV cure

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Every year alumni like you provide resources to enable promising scholars from diverse backgrounds to choose Caltech, thrive on campus without financial burden, and go on to make a difference in science and society.


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Aid for undergraduates provides talented, ambitious young people with access to a Caltech education. Coupled with Caltech’s need-blind admissions policy, scholarships ensure that today’s top students can become tomorrow’s problem-solvers and difference-makers.

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Fellowship support attracts the most promising students, connects them with accomplished faculty across disciplines, and prepares them to make powerful contributions to science and society.

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Caltech was established for and by radically inventive minds—people who embrace grand opportunities and flourish when given the freedom to let evidence and instincts guide them.


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