Frequently Asked Questions

What can I give to?

Gifts to ANY area of campus are always counted towards the alumni participation rate. Popular funds include SURF, Undergraduate Scholarships, Graduate Fellowships, House Endowments, Friends of Instrumental Music, the Associates and the most popular area – the Caltech Fund – which supports our areas of highest need on campus.

Do I have to give a lot?

The minimum amount to give is $1 and the minimum to give online is $5. We encourage donors to give an amount that is meaningful to them. The most common amount for alumni to give is $100.

How do I give?

Here is a list of ways to give.  We recommend you give online or give through PayPal.

What is Alumni Participation? How do gifts count toward Participation?

Alumni Participation is the rate at which alumni give (alumni donors/donor base). This rate is important because it affects Caltech's standing in influential rankings and can be used as a factor in the grant-making process for some corporations and foundations. That's not to mention the power of collective giving and the impact alumni make when they join together and give annually. As a graduate of Caltech, simply make at least one gift of any amount to any area of campus during our fiscal year (October 1 September 30) and you're counted!

What if I already gave this year?

First of all, thank you! You have already made your annual gift and been counted towards our alumni participation rate. You can visit Break Through: The Caltech Campaign and learn more about how gifts at all levels are helping Caltech fulfill our mission of expanding human knowledge and benefiting society through research integrated with education. Thank you for impacting the people and the work of the Institute.

Is alumni support important to students?

Yes! Students are incredibly grateful for your support and are even giving back themselves. In fact, 52% of seniors participated in senior gift campaign this year so that they can support students themselves. We think this quote sums it up:

“I hope that I have been able to be a positive influence in a lot of people’s lives, as many upperclassmen have been in mine. I hope to contribute a little bit to the activities that made my experiences here so special and I hope to make them possible for future Techers.”


See more about the senior gift campaign in our video.

more questions?

Contact the Caltech Fund team at 626.395.6323 or


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